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In the last couple of months, we’ve received a few comments and thoughts from readers about Oakland.

While we haven’t yet had a chance to follow up on the reader ideas, we thought we’d share with you a few of the better comments. These have been edited for clarity.

“Regarding plans for Oakland: Please encourage something INNOVATIVE. It would be great if Oakland would be known for its innovative and forward-thinking plans.”—Robin KW

“My concern is that the city says that it doesn’t have money, but I can’t drive out of my area without hitting potholes. The Mosswood Park Mansion is still in disrepair. Oakland animals don’t get the help that they need. These are my concerns.” –Pat S.

“How come most, if not all, the new buildings look the same? I would LOVE to see much more innovation regarding the designs of buildings in Oakland. (San Francisco has “sameness” as well). If you look at other major big cities you will find innovative and original designs. Especially in Europe and Asia. Who wants to see the typical square buildings being built? Or to live in a box? Let’s be an innovative and forward city amongst the cities of the world! —Robin KW

“I was wondering how to get more police presence in neighborhoods. For example, every week I hear gunshots and every other night there are grown, old people doing donuts in the streets. I mean I get charged a $75 fee for garbage and have no idea where that money goes. How about we hire police so we can all feel safer? I’m annoyed paying a service fee of $75 for garbage especially when Oakland city streets are so disgusting. Where does that $75 from each resident go if our city looks like poopoo?” –Bibi WS

“The City of Oakland needs to have its own garbage trucks that just patrol the city and pick up debris. The level of waste on the street is unsafe and quite frankly worse than any city I have ever lived in. Charge a nominal property tax to cover this. I am sure ALL property owners would be in favor, since this problem is the number one reason people don’t want to rent. Especially in neighborhoods that the city neglects.” –Unidentified anthropology student from San Francisco State University

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