What You Told Us: Your Commute

By Conduit Staff

A tortuous part of Bay Area life each weekday morning and evening is the commute to work. Whether by car, bus, bike, rail or BART, getting to or from our workplaces seemingly just gets slower and more aggravating.

Those were the thoughts of many of our readers who took our latest Survey Monkey poll. One reader had some positive suggestions to make BART and the area’s bus systems work more efficiently for riders.

“More frequent buses and trains! I think it's crazy that they are spaced 15 minutes apart, usually longer. Every single bus station should also have a sign indicating how long until the next bus will arrive. Finally, there should be free transfers between trains, busses, Muni, etc.,” she said.

Another commented that riders themselves could do certain things to make the commute better for everyone.

“I ride BART from 19th Street to Embarcadero. I wish that people would move to the center of the car rather than just stand by the door. I also wish people would take off their bags and put their phones away if the train is crowded so there is room for others. And, finally, I wish that people would stop lining up for the train doors to the point where the whole platform is blocked by the lines.”

Finally, a survey-taker said that, given her commute, she is resigned to get to work by car for the time being.

“I live near a BART station [but] work in Martinez off Highway 4. There is no quick transit to get me from BART to my office. So I drive."

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