What You Told Us: Why You’re Planning to Move

In our last Survey Monkey poll, we asked you: “Are you planning to move away from Oakland in 2018? If not, do you know someone who is? Why are you/they moving?”

We were sad to see that many of you are planning to leave town.

Here’s why:

“Yes. Goal is to move into SF. We want a livelier neighborhood. We also feel like the area has too much homelessness and trash in the streets that do not get addressed by the city.”

“Rents too high.”

“The Bay Area is becoming too expensive for a single mother/father to raise kids...and the pay is not all that great. Plus, the city has a lot of kinks to work out within itself.”

“Yes, I am; it’s too expensive and it’s time to move on.”

“Lack of parks.”

“All the new construction and associated dirt and noise...lack of parking...homeless situation...rents...”

“Yes. We are because it is too expensive and my husband cannot find employment that will support us.”

“Yes, because the cost of living is too high and I can't imagine owning a home or raising children or even starting a small business comfortably on a working-class income.”

“Yes, I am born and raised in Oakland and can no longer afford to stay. My family is moving to Arcata, CA.”

“Because my Eastmont neighborhood of nearly 18 years has become too dense with people, cars, and trash. I also have new neighbors (+1 yr) who have noisy parties every weekend. I’m also tired of playing “chicken” every time I leave/come home.”

Though many of you are planning on moving, some are still quite content here:

“Not moving, very happy in Oakland. Mostly because of all the new development that is finally happening that will benefit all Oaklanders and will bring much-needed revenue to improve schools, elder services, homeless support, veteran support and infrastructure improvements.”