What You Told Us: Why You Moved to Oakland

In our most recent Survey Monkey Poll, we asked you: “Why did you move to Oakland? Why did you stay?”

Here’s what you told us:

“I moved here for work. I've stayed because I love what the city offers, good food, access to nature, beautiful people coexisting.”

“Chance to get an inexpensive apartment, weather, diverse community, access to San Francisco. I have stayed for 43 years (thus far) and bought the building along the way. Stayed for the same reasons, plus I love the Piedmont Avenue neighborhood.”

“No possibility of employment in my hometown. Was hired and enjoyed 30 years of employment and retired with benefits.”

“I was born in Oakland 71 years ago. It's a great city and gets better daily!!! My family has lived in Oakland more than 100+ years, when my grandmother came here as a child in the early 1900s.”

“I moved to Oakland in the mid 1980s because my father started a business in East Oakland. I stayed because Oakland continuously provides me with opportunities to reinvent myself. This latest reinvention is as an entrepreneur. Despite the high cost of living and the fact that I don't own a home yet, I stay because I want my children to experience the Bay Area’s brilliance and beauty. There really is no place on Earth like it.”

“To be closer to the Bancroft Library on the UC-Berkeley campus. Wanted to continue going to the Bancroft Library.”

“I moved to Oakland in 2011 because I started school at SFSU and it was cheaper than SF. I stayed because I love the weather, I love Lake Merritt, I love the culture, and I love the soul of the city.”

“I was born and raised here. This is my home and I love it here. I was temporarily displaced and had to move to Southern California with my grandmother but was determined and refused to be forced out of my hometown. We have been back for almost a year now and I am more active than ever for equitable, responsible, and affordable housing advocacy.”


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