What You Told Us: Where Oakland Will be in 20 Years

Oakland is changing by the second, it seems. Office and residential towers are going up everywhere. More are being proposed every day

Yet, when we asked all of you, “Where do you see Oakland in 20 years?” many of you were tongue-tied. 

Few dared answer. Maybe it was because it’s difficult to determine where Oakland is headed, or few of you really want to guess.

So here is what those who did answer told us:

“A larger version of the San Antonio neighborhood: ethnically diverse and family-friendly neighborhood. Majority home ownership by said ethnically diverse and working-class families.”

“Where I see Oakland heading is different than where I want it to head. I see Oakland becoming just another San Jose big-box sellout city. There is no respect for the history of this city or the families that have been here for generations. The planning and building departments are in serious need of an overhaul. The city's priority seems to be money over what is best for the current residents. Work with the other city representatives that have these huge tech clients to provide their own local housing so they aren't busing tech employees all over the Bay Area. This is out of control and you are enabling the bad behavior. Be the change agents you can be. There is so much good here that is being squashed out. My name is Shannon Allison. I’m fourth-generation Oakland. I am an engineer. I work in Oakland. I will do anything I can to help but let us help you. Don't shut us out. We can do this but we have to do it together.”

“Unfortunately, the way it is being developed as disconnected high rises that are unaffordable with no real planning, I see a crowded city with little infrastructure to maintain it.”