What You Told Us: What You're Thankful For

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we asked you, “What about Oakland are you thankful for?”

Though Oakland has gone through many changes over the years, many of you still find plenty to like about the town.

Here are the best responses we received from our recent Survey Monkey poll: 

“Oaktown Jazz changed my son’s life, and that is not an exaggeration. Lake Merritt is an integral part of my life. I’ve lived here since 1989, and am thankful that back then, as a teacher, I was able to buy a house in East Oakland and raise my son in a progressive and diverse community. I couldn’t do it now, however, if I was just starting out.”

“Diversity/community/inclusion. Spirit and history of activism and social consciousness.”

“The free college education.”

“Its diversity! It used to be more small-town/Midwest but it is now becoming a mini-SAN FRANCISCO.”

“I am thankful for the Oakland Heritage Alliance, scrutinizing and checking runaway development, and introducing everyone to local history through walking tours and programs.”

“The mix! Our block is old-timers and newcomers, Black, Asian, White, Latino, creatives, tradesmen, tech nerds, students, retired, city employees. Everyone looks out for each other. It is unlike anywhere I’ve ever lived, except when I was very little.”