What You Told Us: What Oakland Can Do For You

In our most recent Survey Monkey poll, we asked you: “What could the City of Oakland do to better impact your life?”

Here’s what you told us:

“Fix our streets!”

“Affordable housing for us long-time residents of Oakland who are struggling to pay rent. Housing for the homeless who can no longer afford to live here.”

“Increase affordable housing. Get rid of racist cops, stop the militarization of police, train police more regarding mental health issues and compassion. Get rid of those Ford go-bikes and increase parking for people. Instead of spending money on decoration or landscaping our streets, fill the damn holes and take care of the structural damage. Better public transportation and more parking. Wishing cars away will not do the trick. They’re here and, until there’s better public transport, they’re not going anywhere. Do better on housing the homeless, whether it is providing small houses, or using containers for housing, but the city has allowed developers to shift the city’s priorities to them, and screw regular people. Oakland has the capacity to house homeless people, instead of treating them like they are pieces of shit. If they [the homeless] had a place to live, they could rearrange their lives, get jobs, etc. Have some compassion! I've lived here for over 30 years and I want to be proud of my city, not feel ashamed of it!”

“Problem: speeding all over the city. Solution: with the decrease in violent crimes our OPD can start pulling people over for speeding down Bancroft. It’s hard to drive the speed limit with people tailgating and speeding.”

“Deal with traffic and noise enforcement."

“Fix potholes. ADDRESS the issue of homeless encampments.”

“Bring in a large general merchandise store, such as Target, to downtown. I don’t want to have to go to Alameda or Emeryville.”

“Clean up and provide Dumpsters/trash bins for homeless encampments. Improve OUSD. Regulate emissions coming out of trucks, trains, and factories in West Oakland. Make it easier to get a building permit and set up the building department to actually help people complete plans and get projects moving rather than being simply a revenue-generating thorn in their side."

“Employ more Native Oaklanders.”

“Ensure Oakland’s development creates living wages, union jobs that benefit local residents and the rest of our community by not increasing displacement nor driving down wages.”

“Build an equal amount of housing for all income levels ($0 to >$100,000) throughout the city and expand BART and AC Transit.”

“Start enforcing illegal dumping, tagging, spray vandalism and traffic laws. The City of Oakland has become a filthy garbage dump with never-ending spray vandalism and zero traffic cops.”

“Maintain Oakland cultural values, freedom of expression, live music, art, festivals. Where are the live music venues and where can emerging artists get gigs? Too much tech is pushing artists out and the art culture, too. Fix our streets! So many potholes!”

“Anything that will bring down rents, to create more low income and affordable housing.”

“1. Fix the potholes in the streets. Has anyone on the City Council or in Public Works tried biking around town on neighborhood streets? This city is NOT bike-friendly. All you need to do is ride from Oakland into Berkeley and you can immediately feel the difference of well-maintained streets. There are many side streets on which you can do this. 2. Fix the homeless problem. Build more housing at every income bracket, including 3- and 4-bedroom units for families, and be sure to set aside some units at every size for low-income residents. Then get to work on homeless services. The tent cities are abominable; no one should live in such conditions.”

“Better public transportation for the elderly and physically-challenged and homeless.”

“Get rid of obstructionist behavior and unreasonable demands by individuals working in the Parking Permit division. Truly unreasonable and unresponsive folk who do nothing more than alienate law-abiding citizens from the City altogether. Try hiring service-oriented people who aren’t complacent and full of needless self-importance. Clean house!”

“House the homeless! Let’s live our values!”

“Develop affordable contemporary homes in Oakland Hills.”

“Invest more in deep East Oakland—give the community loans to open mom-and-pop businesses. We need jobs, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, better public transit, parks, etc. Invest in EO the same way you invested in Jack London, Downtown, and LM.”

“Give more money to the Oakland Animal Shelter and save the Mosswood Mansion before someone burns it down. Fix the streets. Give more money to spay/neuter dogs and cats. Potholes and speeding cars are still a problem.”