What You Told Us This Week

Two weeks ago, we asked you in a Survey Monkey poll: Do you think there should there be a requirement for developers who want to build in Oakland to hire locally at least 20 percent of their construction workforce? 

Some 91 percent of respondents say they'd support the 20 percent rule, while just 9 percent say they'd oppose it.  

Some of the comments we received: 

"Local Hire % should be higher, also those who live closest to the site should be prioritized. Also 20% of the homes should be affordable housing, which should be identified by the area median income as opposed to the county median income."

"Most blue collar workers (construction) cannot afford to live in the bay area (Oakland). I believe that we have to implement more of the credited apprenticeship language in on the developers. We have to educate our youth, keep them off of the streets, out of jail, doing positive things in their community." 

"I think hiring locally should be at least 60%. Developers and the planning department owe it to our community to support us by hiring us and not just taking our money and running, leaving us with housing we can't afford. GENTRIFICATION!"

"I also think a percentage of buildings should be designated for low-income housing but ALSO we should pass some sort of historic business resolution. Where business that have been in Oakland for x amount of years (say 20 or more) are essentially grandfathered in and cannot be displaced."

"Oakland is facing massive displacement of people of color and losing economic diversity. If any project is approved in Oakland it needs to benefit the long term residents with as many local jobs as possible and affordable and accessible housing."