What You Told Us: Should Local Building Developers be Required to help Prepare Young People for Careers in the Building and Construction Trades?

By Conduit Staff

Recently, we asked readers to tell us whether they agreed with the idea that developers and development corporations should help provide vocational training to prepare young people for careers in the building and construction trades.

While we didn’t a get a ton of answers back on this Survey Monkey Poll, only one taker of our survey simply said “No!” without any further explanation.

The clear majority, however, gave a resounding “Yes!” that developers should help pay for all or a part of the cost to training to help young people find good paying jobs that could become careers.

“Yes; train and hire young people in the city of Oakland!” said one respondent.

Another acknowledged that some training is already happening in the city. “The Oakland Unified School District is working to increase these opportunities through career pathway programs and partnerships with the contractors who work on our facilities project.”

Yet another respondent said yes, but suggested the idea is easier said than actually done.

“The devil is in the details,” the survey-taker said. “Thus, a conditional ‘yes,’ but the burden has to be reasonable upon the developer, (and) the (trainees) should be local.”

Two respondents asked whether such training would lead to union apprenticeships. Yet another worried about the education of local young people beyond job training. “And what about classes beyond on-the-job training? There is a lot to consider before any rules are developed,” the respondent wrote.