What You Told Us: Oakland’s Biggest Eyesore

Despite its natural beauty, Oakland still has some ugly spots. 

That’s what you told us when we asked you, “What’s Oakland biggest eyesore?”

Several of you were upset with the rise of homeless encampments throughout the city. In fact, 50 percent of the respondents to our survey mentioned homeless camps as being Oakland’s biggest eyesores. 

(Not all of the homelessness camp responses are shown below to avoid repetition. If such a response included an additional thought, it is included.) 

Here are Oakland’s biggest eyesores, as told to us by our readers on Survey Monkey:

“The Park Bellevue Tower is ugly. Because its ugliness mars the most beautiful location in our city, it could be nominated as the biggest eyesore, though far from the ugliest building.” 

“All the trash!”

“The big rectangular apartment building at the east end of Lake Merritt. Absolutely painful to look at.”

“Trash everywhere.”

“Street trash and unkempt houses in certain areas of the city.”

“Inequality and segregation.”

“Lake Merritt construction! Especially in front of The Lake Merritt Hotel.”

“Hegenberger Road near Oakland Coliseum on both sides across from Denny’s and across from the old Pak n Sav and the closed Walmart store.”

“A dysfunctional city government.”

“Homeless encampments and graffitied buildings.”

“Undeveloped surface lots throughout downtown.”

“Graffiti on traffic signs.”

“The Broadway/880 underpass to Jack London Square!”

“Poor roads!”

“Trash and homeless encampments.”

“The Leona Quarry and the sub-division put in under it. A huge scar underscored by a monotonous, drab, and lifeless sub-division. Who let THAT happen?”

“Illegal encampments/illegal dumping leaving most of Oakland as the true eyesore.” 

“The Chase Bank demolition debacle at Broadway and Pleasant Valley. It’s appalling that it’s gone on this long—they claim it’s about asbestos but I’ve also heard the developer’s financing hit a snag and the neighborhood is left with this blight! They evidently have no anchor tenant for the Phase 2 portion of the redevelopment project. How did the city of Oakland let this happen?”

“Rundown senior centers, especially what is going on with the homeless encampments at Downtown Oakland Senior Center on Grand Avenue.”