What You Told Us: Neighborhoods in Need of More Housing

The nine-county Bay Area region is building an average of 20,000 housing units each year, but it needs to add 30,000 to 35,000 to keep pace with demand.

The demand for more housing is prevalent in Oakland in particular. In August, the city released an update on its efforts to address its housing crisis. The report showed that of the 2,781 housing units under construction in Oakland at that time, only 170 of the units were deemed affordable. Some 1,348 of the 18,793 housing units approved for construction or in the entitlement process at the time were deemed affordable.

And in March, Redfin ranked Oakland No. 3 in its most competitive markets for residential real estate. At that time, 65.9 percent of recently sold homes sold over the asking price. Only San Jose and San Francisco were ahead of Oakland on Redfin's list. 

In our most recent Survey Monkey poll, we asked you: "What Oakland neighborhood is most in need of more housing?"

Many of you responded to the poll, and we got a pretty good idea of where housing should go.

Here’s are the neighborhoods that need more housing in order, from top to bottom, based on survey votes:

1. West Oakland
2. East Oakland
3. Rockridge
4. Downtown
5. None

And tied for sixth place: 

Jack London Square
Oak Knoll

Some additional comments from residents:

“You need to be more specific. Housing is too broad a term: residential, single, co-op, condo, rental? Bottom line, affordability is the issue! Me, I’m for anything that increases property values!”

“All neighborhoods. Especially in single-family zoned neighborhoods. This question makes folks tongue-tied because it's based on the assumption that ‘neighborhoods’ are different when, in fact, when it comes to housing, they are very similar.”