What You Told Us: How Safe do you Feel at Work?

With a measure coming to Oakland’s Nov. 6 ballot that will create a city department to oversee safety for construction and trades workers and for hotel, food service and gaming employees, we want to know how safe do you feel while at work -- wherever you may work?

Respondents to last week’s Survey Monkey poll indicated that while they generally felt safe at work and that their employers have made workplace safety a priority, they could empathize and would probably vote for the ballot measure this fall.

The measure was recently approved by the Oakland City Council and was being promoted by Unite Here! Local 2850, an employee union representing hotel, food service and gaming workers in the East and North Bay areas.

Some said that they felt bad in particular for workers -- especially female workers -- who often have to work alone at nights cleaning offices or serving as hotel maids.

“Although work in many, many ways isn't ever easy, I do generally feel safe at work. However, I find the need for oversight into the safety of a vulnerable population like hotel workers to be very important,” said one person.

Another said simply that she felt “very safe” at her workplace.

Other respondents said they felt employers should do more, including hiking wages and providing safety equipment. They said that workers shouldn’t have to feel unprotected or vulnerable while on the job. They said they anticipate voting enthusiastically for the city ballot measure.

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