What You Told Us: How Do you Get Your Kids To School?

The new school year is upon us. That means scores of Oakland families are up early getting their children to school. How do you get your children to school in the morning? Better yet, if they can get there themselves, how do they prefer to make the journey?

By Conduit Staff

One respondent who doesn’t appear to have children to get to school led off our responses to this week’s survey question.

Often, because of age and safety concerns, parents eschew public transportation, preferring instead to use their personal cars instead. Schools found in residential neighborhoods are just not equipped to handle the traffic congestion.

One respondent complained that parents, many driving large SUVs, are driving into residential neighborhoods to drop off their kids at schools in the mornings and again in the afternoons to pick up, and clogging roadways in the process.

“There should be buses where that these kids can get onto a bus and be dropped off at a safe place. (We deal with the) congestion in neighborhoods and the thoughtlessness of the parents who are in a hurry to drop off or pick up their child. They do crazy stuff in our local neighborhoods and it's just unsafe.”

One parent said she does both -- personal transportation and BART.

“My little one is in preschool. I got a car last November, mainly for him, and I drop him off. (I then) ride a few blocks in order to take BART.”

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