What You Told Us: Hopes for Oakland in the New Year

In our most recent Survey Monkey poll, we asked you, “What are your hopes for Oakland in the New Year?”

Here is some of what you told us:

“To include affordable housing in every development project that includes residential units.”

“The election of progressives for mayor, city council, and school board.”

“Homes for the homeless; single-family condo development (not just apartments for young professionals); clean, safe streets and better city services in general (bigger tax base); continued drop in homicides; conscious development; a revitalized downtown; more hotels; long-vacant retail spaces available cheaply to artists and non-profit organizations.”

“More affordable housing, a slowing of gentrification, better access to public transportation.”

“I hope that Oakland's new Police Commission will be allowed to perform independently in its role as oversight to OPD. And I hope that our 2018 local elections will see new candidates for our elected offices.”

“Let’s get the streets and sidewalks repaired. Potholes and broken sidewalks are, in the long run, very expensive, and incredible hazards to us all.”

Happy New Year!