What You Told Us: What Oakland Business or Building That’s No Longer Around do You Miss the Most?

In our most recent Survey Monkey Poll, the Conduit asked “What Oakland business or building that’s no longer around do you miss the most?”

Many people were quite nostalgic for businesses of yesteryear. They also seemed rather fond of an old delicatessen. Here is the full list of businesses and buildings people miss: 

“Genova Deli”

“Carmee fortune cookie”

“CVS with Nursery, formerly at Rockridge Safeway location”

“Doggie Diner” 

“Merritt Bakery (at old location)” 

“Dorsey’s Locker”

“Art’s Crab Shack”

“The Alta-Waverly Project that just burned down”

“Parkway Speakeasy Theater”

“Henry J. Kaiser CC”

“Mullen’s Pharmacy”

“Housewives Market” 


“Genova Delicatessen” “Dorfman Pacific” 

“Broadway Bowl, Parkway Theater, Maple Village restaurant, Bruener’s, Lakeshore Fountain...”

“Flint’s BBQ” 

“Cafe Lizzie’s  :( ”


“Colonial Donuts, the recipes from the 1970’s”

“Caldwell, Sears, Woolworths, Five and Dime”

“Itsy Bitsy”

“The Emporium”

“The Buttercup on College”

“Genova Deli”

“Bart HQ @ Lake Merritt Station—cool building.”

“The Grease Box”

“Capwell’s or any department store”

“Oakland High, 6th Street Market, Saint Francis de Sales, Castlemont High.”

“Oaks Ball Park”


“Tom Lovely’s on Grand...fresh turkey every day but Thanksgiving...closed!”

“Bonynge’s Furniture store, 600 Grand Avenue” 

“Crescent Lighting on Telegraph” 

“Edy’s & Capwell’s” 

“ See’s Candy”

“The Village (restaurant & deli), East 18th Street”

“Dime and Dollar, on Lakeshore.” 

“La Brasserie!”

“The Lux theater, Biff’s, Dave’s Coffee Shop on Broadway, the Confucius bar, Merritt Fountain, the Moulin Rouge burlesque theater, Capwell’s, Esther’s Orbit Room, the Coliseum Drive-In Movie...”

 “Genova Deli - such a huge loss....”

“The IceCreamery on Lakeshore, Biff’s, Lakeshore Deli, the Five and Dime, Impy’s”

“Tibetan shops on Piedmont”

 “Genova Deli”