What You Told Us...

In our most recent Survey Monkey Poll, we asked, “In which Oakland intersections do you spend the most time in traffic?”

While no one could quite agree on specific intersections, a few streets and highways came up frequently in the answers.

See if you can spot the trends:

“27th and Harrison at Whole Foods, and Harrison entrance to the I-580 East”

“Where Highway 13 merges onto I-580 East”

“10th and Market”

“MacArthur and Grand”

“Alcatraz and Telegraph; Alcatraz and College”

“Alcatraz and Shattuck”

“Telegraph Avenue and 51st Street; 35th Avenue onramp Westbound to I-580; Telegraph Avenue onramp to Highway 24 Eastbound; Keith Avenue Eastbound onto Broadway at Highway 24; 35th Avenue Eastbound between Fruitvale BART Station and International Boulevard.”

“Broadway going to Jack London Square”

“Broadway/51st/Pleasant Valley”

“Pleasant Valley and Broadway”