What You Told Us...

In a recent Survey Monkey question, we asked you what neighborhoods in Oakland could most use navigation centers.

Navigation centers are unlike traditional homeless shelters in that they allow large tent encampments, families, and people with pets to stay together, not be separated. They also focus more intensely on transitional services that help homeless men and women get into permanent homes. San Francisco has used them to great effect recently. 

Here is where you said Oakland could most use navigation centers: 

“East Oakland (anything East of 79th/Hegenberger) -- off International Blvd.” 

“All neighborhoods” 

“East and West Oakland”

“Montclair, Rockridge, Piedmont Avenue”

“West Oakland, under freeway on Grand Avenue and Telegraph and San Pablo”

“The overpass near Fruitvale in East Oakland. You can see it from BART”

“West Oakland/Downtown”

“West Oakland, East Oakland along International Blvd from 65th-98th

“East Oakland’

“Downtown Oakland”

“West Oakland”

“All neighborhoods below MacArthur Freeway, but including North Oakland” 

“Fruitvale, San Antonio, the Lower Bottoms, Eastlake”