What You Told Us...

In our recent Survey Monkey poll, we asked you if there is an area in Oakland you think is ripe for development.

Here are some of the responses you gave us: 

“The Oakland Estuary area between Coast Guard Island and the MLK shoreline. Too many underutilized warehouses in a possibly charming area along the waterfront.”

“The lower end of Seminary and surrounding streets. The corridor from 36th all the way to 66th along International Blvd.”

The Laurel District”

40th and MLK - directly west of the MacArthur BART Station; and MacArthur Blvd. at MLK. Opportunities for Transit Oriented Development with access nearby to [highways] 24/580/980 as well as BART service. This should assist with focusing on development in and around the West Oakland area. 

Oak Knoll Hills (Old Naval Hospital), Keller/Sequoia Hills”

Locations surrounding BART stations and major transit areas. MacArthur is prime and is being developed.”

“Elmhurst Park, 98th Avenue”

Where developers shouldn't go...

We also asked you if there is an area in Oakland that developers should not touch. We only got a couple of responses.

McClymonds High School


The Oakland Conduit loves to hear from its readers. If you have any other additional thoughts on these questions, let us know at http://www.oaklandconduit.com/contact.