What You Told Us...

In our most recent Survey Monkey Poll, we asked you: “If you could live anywhere in Oakland other than where you currently live, where would you live?”

Here’s what you told us:


“Somewhere near the bay”

“I would live somewhere in the Oakland hills, off of Skyline Blvd. Because of the ridiculously high price of renting to buying a house in today's economy, it is almost unattainable to the average couple between the ages of 25-30 like myself and my husband.” 

“Oak Knoll new development”


“Jingletown. Near water and full of artists.”

“Not familiar with all areas of Oakland. Somewhere close to public transportation and pedestrian-friendly shopping.”


“Anywhere besides here”


“North Oakland/Berkley” 


“I wish I knew”

“An island in Washington State” 

“Anywhere that is easily affordable for me, has nature around, healthy environment, clean, easy parking, friendly neighbors.”

“San Diego, CA”

“El Cerrito, CA”

“South Oakland Hills”

“Nowhere else. We are on Sheffield in the Reservoir Hills district, across from the school. Great neighborhood, long-time residents who get together a couple of times a year, easy access to everything.”

“Across the street - with a view of San Francisco rather than Hiller Highlands.”