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Our survey results are in!

In our Survey Monkey poll, we asked you:

Should SunCal include affordable housing for all Oaklanders on the Oak Knoll property?

Oak Knoll is a former naval hospital site in the Oakland Hills that is roughly 188 acres. It is currently owned by developer SunCal. The City of Oakland is also in the process of selling an additional eight acres of public land to the developer. SunCal is currently planning on building 935 housing units on the Oak Knoll property. All of the housing units will be market rate, and there are currently no plans to build affordable housing on the site. 

Ninety-two (92) percent of responders said that the Oak Knoll property should include affordable housing, while just eight (8) percent said “No”.  


In our March 3 story, “The Most Important Role in Oakland You Need to Know About”, we asked you to tell us what priorities you’d like Oakland’s next Director of Building & Planning to focus on.

John HM told us:

“The qualities outlined in the job description for the Oakland Director of Planning and Building look appropriate. My biggest concern is priorities. I would like to see a Director who puts equity, inclusion and the preservation of the cultural and racial diversity of Oakland ahead of stimulating growth. Oakland will grow no matter what this person does. Developing a generous and iron-clad community benefits agreement, for instance, would be way more important to me than the speed of developments. 

“I would also very much like to see a Director who puts the “affordable” into affordable housing and doesn’t focus on the needs of the middle class. Being a middle class person myself and relatively new to Oakland, I can sympathize with the sticker shock of those used to other housing markets, but we are not the ones who need to be supported by the government.”

We look forward to getting more of your feedback. 



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  • Don M
    commented 2017-03-10 11:25:01 -0800
    Developer will pay $20 million toward low-cost housing. Prefer it be spent by BART and other transportation corridors and jobs where number of affordable housing units can probably be doubled.