The Votes Weren’t All In: Where People Want a New Oakland A’s Ballpark

A month ago, the Oakland Conduit asked residents in a Survey Monkey poll: “The Oakland A’s are considering three main locations for their new stadium. At which of the three locations would you most like to see the stadium?”

People could choose the current Coliseum site, Laney College, or Howard Terminal.

The Conduit presented the results of the poll a few weeks ago, but staff forgot to turn off the Survey Monkey question link.

It turns out that people were not done voting.

In the last few weeks, the number of respondents to the poll has ballooned from fewer than 60 initially to 568 at closing. The poll is not scientific, and the Conduit does not track where the respondents are coming from, but that is still a significant number of new respondents. They can’t be ignored.

Here’s where people felt the stadium should go a month ago: 


Here is where people now say a new A’s ballpark should go: 


The results haven’t changed much, but despite recent news that the Oakland A’s favor building a new ballpark at the Peralta Community College District headquarters at Laney College, that site is still not very popular with respondents. The current Coliseum site and Howard Terminal are almost equally preferred.  

Let’s see what the A’s have to say about this…