Postponed: Jack London Square Tower Approvals Likely Coming in April

The Planning Commission was expected to vote this upcoming Wednesday on whether to approve the final development permits for two large towers in Jack London Square, but has instead postponed the vote likely until mid April.

The first tower likely to be approved in April is an eight story, 121 dwelling-unit building with 2470 square feet of retail space, and 64 on-site parking spaces. It will be built on what the city government calls “Site D” of Jack London Square, which is on the west side of Broadway, south of the Union Pacific right-of-way on Embarcadero.










(Site D Once Completed. Photos Courtesy of the Oakland Planning Commission and CIM Group)

The city’s general plan for Site D designates the land for “Retail, Dining, Entertainment Phase 2.” Site D is meant to “enhance and intensify Lower Broadway as an active pedestrian-oriented entertainment district that can help to create stronger activity and pedestrian linkages with downtown Oakland, Old Oakland, and Chinatown,” according to a Feb. 22 Planning Commission staff report.

The other tower is also eight stories and will be built on “Site F2” of Jack London, which is south of Embarcadero between Harrison and Alice streets.  It’s slightly larger in size than its sibling, with 326 dwelling units, 2562 square feet of ground floor retail and 86 on-site parking spaces.



(Site F2 once completed. Photos Courtesy of the Oakland Planning Commission and CIM Group)

Site F2 was designated by the city government as a “Mixed Use District,” meaning it is expected to help “Encourage the development of nontraditional higher density housing (work/live, lofts, artists studios) within a context of commercial and light industrial/manufacturing uses,” according to the Feb. 22 Planning Commission report.

Both towers are being developed by the CIM group, a “premier full service real estate and infrastructure fund manager with approximately $19.2 billion of assets under management,” according to its website, 

The company is one of Oakland’s biggest landlords, owning roughly 28 percent of all Oakland’s Class A commercial business district stock.  Among its holdings: 1901 Harrison, 1333 Broadway, and 2101 Webster. It previously owned both the Marriott and Courtyard hotels in the downtown area, before selling them in 2015 and 2016 respectively.