Oakland Tech Students Fight Gentrification

These days it’s pretty common for local media outlets to report on the impact of gentrification on Oakland’s families and workers. It’s not that common, however, to hear from Oakland’s youth directly about how gentrification impacts them and their families.  

For their ninth grade California Studies class' Taking Action Project, Oakland Technical High School students Maya Ades, Charlene Din, Samuel Getachew, and Gilmarc Duldulao have put together a short video about gentrification’s effect on Oakland residents and students.

The Taking Action Project is the final project that all California Studies students must complete at the end of their freshman year, usually in groups. It is unique to California Studies, but may be emulated by other classes. The goal is for students to address a social issue in a way that raises awareness and drives action. 

"We chose to create an educational video because a survey we conducted at our school showed that there is a huge amount of ignorance and misinformation surrounding gentrification. We wanted to address this through peer education and create a lasting impact," said Getachew. 

The five-minute video thoroughly explains gentrification and includes a few perspectives from students about how recent changes in Oakland have impacted them. The students asked local community groups to share the video, and the Oakland Conduit was happy to oblige.


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