Oakland Construction by the Numbers

The Oakland Planning Department recently released its list of active construction projects and proposals for the summer of 2017. 

No surprise, construction in Oakland is booming.

The Planning Department currently has on file:

  • 10 pre-applications to build mixed-use projects that will collectively have 3,447 residential units and 1,710,000 square feet of commercial space.
  • 22 applications to build mixed-use buildings with 4,802 residential units and 1,752,382 square feet of commercial space collectively.  
  • Four applications to build commercial, industrial or civic buildings collectively totaling 243,212 square feet.

In addition, the department has approved for construction:

  • 44 mixed-use buildings totaling 6,848 residential units and 1,409,261 square feet of commercial space.
  • Six commercial, industrial or civil buildings adding up to 444,150 square feet of space.

And it has given building permits to: 

  • 13 mixed-use projects with 2,141 residential units and 167,510 square feet of commercial space collectively.

Under construction or about to begin construction:

  • 20 mixed-use buildings totaling 3,006 residential units and 170,685 square feet of commercial space. These buildings have a collective job value of $550,164,768.
  • Eight commercial, industrial or civic projects with 1,884,632 square feet of commercial space. These projects have a collective job value of $80,584,668.

The Planning Department also reports that 35 construction projects in Oakland have been completed since 2011.

Read the full list of construction projects. The Oakland Conduit will be updating its development map over the next week to reflect the Planning Department document.

In the mean time, see the construction projects filed with the Planning Department this week in our map update section