Oak Knoll Heads to City Council CED Committee on Oct. 31

On Oct. 31, the Oak Knoll project will head to the City Council’s Community & Economic Development Committee, the final step before it’s expected to head to the City Council on Nov. 7.

Our publisher, East Bay Residents for Responsible Development, encourages residents to come out to the meeting and express their concerns about the project. It's important to go on the record as to why Oak Knoll is not the right project for Oakland. The City Council still has time to take action, and you may convince the committee’s four councilmembers to vote No on Nov. 7.

The event details are:

10 a.m.
Oct. 31 
Sgt. Mark Dunakin Room—Hearing Room 1
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612