Oak Knoll Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report Released

The Oakland Conduit staff received the final draft of the Oak Knoll project’s final supplemental environmental impact report (EIR) close to when we were set to publish this week’s edition.

The Oak Knoll project has been modified in the following ways since the last EIR was released on August 29, according to the document: 

  • A revised conceptual site plan for the Village Center;
  • A reconfiguration of Mountain Boulevard access to the Village Center driveway;
  • Revised residential building heights;
  • Revised grading and design of certain Admiral’s Hill lots;
  • Revised layout of stormwater treatment basins;
  • Expanded northern site boundary to add three additional acres of public park and open space land/minor expansion of creek restoration;
  • A commitment to salvage and relocate between 10 and 20 oak trees previously proposed for removal;
  • Minor increase (0.01 acre) to the number of permanent impacts to jurisdictional waters; and
  • Minor modifications to the Oak Knoll Design Guidelines.

We will include a thorough analysis of the EIR in an upcoming issue, but for now, we’ve included a link to the final EIR.

Final EIR

The Oakland Planning Commission is slated to hear the EIR on June 7. 

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