What You Told Us: What's Your Regular Exercise Regimen?

By Conduit Staff

Getting into shape and staying that way can be hard work—especially when you’re putting in 50-plus-hour weeks to get things done at work.

But for many of our survey-takers, getting in some sort of exercise is a daily imperative. One respondent said he plays racquetball at the downtown Oakland YMCA two or three times a week.

Another said: “I like to work out at Planet Fitness before noon. I would also like to join a walking group in that starts early in the morning.”

Sometimes, one respondent said, it’s not just about getting away from work for exercise. Other things can get in the way.

“I usually try to work out a couple times a week when I'm not too busy with home improvement projects. I'll head home after work, change, and hit the gym by 6 or 6:30 a.m. for a swim or yoga class or maybe some light weights.”

For yet others, keeping it simple is important: “Surfing, weight and climbing.” And there are those that just make us jealous—like this person (sheesh): “YMCA for light weights; half-hour of stretching and crunches; half-hour on the Stairmaster; swimming at the Tesmescal Masters three times a week; and, finally, walking two miles a day. Oh, and I’m 75.” (Showoff.)

We’re working up a sweat just thinking about all this exercise. Can we please get a towel?

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Downtown Oakland Office Tower Finally Slated for Completion

By Jordan Rosenfeld

After a nine-year pause on construction, developer Shorenstein Properties has begun construction again on the first office tower in more than a decade in downtown Oakland.

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Map Update 6/22/2018

Below are proposed developments submitted to the Planning Department during the last week:

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What You Told Us: What Makes Summer Fun for You?

Question: Ah, it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. What do you and your family do to relax and enjoy the great weather? Do you go to the movies, concerts or amusement parks? How about a trip to the local ice cream parlor? Or take in a ballgame? We want to know what makes summer fun to you.

By Conduit Staff

While we all have our gripes, the great thing about living in the Bay Area in the summer is that there’s so much to do when the weather is so great.

Most of our readers said some of their most enjoyable summer activities include attending A’s or Giants games. Some like attending festivals, the beach, going on bike rides and attending outdoor movies. Others say they love river-running or just getting out in their kayaks and checking out the sights at the Port of Oakland.

For yet others, summer is the season for al fresco dining in one of Oakland trendy eateries. And no local dinner out is complete, of course, without a stop at Fenton’s for ice cream afterwards.

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Survey Monkey Question: What's Your Daily or Weekly Exercise Routine?

Are you one of these people who’s up with the sun each day heading to the gym or are you a dedicated weekend warrior with regular reservations at the golf course or the tennis club? Maybe you’re out the office door at precisely 5 p.m. in order to hit the gym before going home? Please tell us how and when you exercise.

Tell us in our Survey Monkey Poll.

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UA Plumbers and Steamfitters 342 Open Training Facility

Conduit Staff Reports

Late last month United Association (UA) Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 342 held a ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony for its new 28,000-square-foot training facility in Concord.

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What You Told Us: Earthquake Preparedness

Reader Poll: As seismologists and first responders have drilled into our heads for years, California is well past due for the “Big One.” They tell us to have a full seven days’ worth of water and food on hand to survive the earthquake’s aftermath. Our Survey Monkey wants to know if you and your family (or your work colleagues, for that matter) are prepared to survive a full week without any help?

By Conduit Staff

As public safety experts acknowledge, most Californians remain largely unprepared to survive a week on their own without power or water or other utilities when the next major earthquake strikes.

Those findings were largely reflected by our survey respondents who said they were either “working on it” or “not fully” when they responded to the question of whether they were fully prepared to survive “the big one” when it hits California. Just two respondents answered “yes” that they were ready.

According to the California Office of Emergency Services, you should be prepared to be isolated and on your own for at least seven days and nights—that means storing three gallons of water per household member per day for a week. Having food, medicine, supplies and duplicates of key financial documents for that length of time is also advisable.

State officials also said that just 20 percent of California homeowners have purchased earthquake insurance. That percentage is the same for Golden State homeowners who have not structurally reinforced their homes.

Many websites and organizations have published checklists online to help you prepare. Sample disaster plans can make it easier for you to customize such a plan for your family, business, non-governmental agencies, schools, utilities, hospitals, governmental agencies, tribes and others. Information for preparing your home, business, family, pets, seniors, children, those with access and functional needs is available on the Cal OES website.

Contact your local emergency management office or your local American Red Cross chapter for more information.

The one thing for which Californians do get earthquake preparedness credit is having first aid kits, flashlights and batteries in their house. Authorities say these items can be found in about 80 percent of households in the state. That said, just 40 percent of Californians have made comprehensive family disaster and evacuation plans.

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