Map Update (4/6/2018)

Below are proposed developments submitted to the Planning Department during the last week:

2956 International Blvd
For Planning Commission Review: 45,942 Square Foot K-8 Charter School

3100 Fruitvale Ave.
Proposal for a 3-Story, 6 Unit Buliding behind an Existing 2-Story, 4 Unit Building

640 Hegenberger Road
Pre-Application for the Construction of a Shopping Center

7525 MacArthur Blvd.
Pre-Application for a 4-Story, 19 Unit Affordable Housing Development

3881 MLK Jr. Way
Revised Pre-Application for Merging 3 Lots and Building a 7-Story, 51 Unit Building

6620 Foothill Blvd.
Pre-Application for 2, 2-Story Mixed-Use Buildings

801 Pine St.
Proposal for a Multi-Phased 307 Unit Development of 4 Multi-Family Buildings, Services, Common amenities, and Artist Spaces.

1626 14th St.
Proposal for a 2-Story Duplex

3142 High St.
Proposal for a New 3-Story, 5 Unit Building

919 Stanford St.
Proposal to add a 3rd Floor to an Existing Structure and Convert the Building to 7 Live-Work Units

4127 MLK Jr. Way.
Proposal for a 4-Story, Mixed-Use Building

Check out these projects on the Conduit's Oakland Development Map.