It Needs Fixin’

Is there a busted streetlight in your neighborhood? Is there a pothole that needs to be filled? Is there an abandoned building that needs an occupant? 

We asked and you answered. Below are the first contributions to the Conduit’s It Needs Fixin’ section. 

18th Street Pier Lights Out 


“These lights have been out for almost a year and they are next to the Lake so there is high public visibility.”

In addition to sending a request to the city’s 311 service, “I have contacted [Councilman] Abel [Guillen] as well and there has been no progress.”---Daniel L. 

No Right Turn Lane at Westbound Pleasant Valley Avenue and Broadway


(Courtesy of Google) 

“Given all the new construction, among the problems in the vicinity of Pleasant Valley and Broadway is the lack of a right turn-only lane off of westbound Pleasant Valley onto northbound Broadway. At least half the traffic wants to turn right to go toward Hwy. 24, but there are typically 8 to 10 cars backed up trying to turn right. It’s been a problem for years and was one thing I was sure they [the city government] would address with the new development at the Rockridge Safeway project--yet it is now made worse--longer light intervals and aggravating congestion. A dedicated right turn-only lane would be a simple and obvious fix.” ---David L. 

Hegenberger Road Palm Trees Need Trimming 


(Courtesy of Google)

“The palm trees on Hegenberger Road are in desperate need of trimming. The city spent thousands of dollars on a beautification program and the area has looked like hell ever since.”---Wayne D.

If you have a blight problem or issue in your neighborhood you would like fixed, please send a picture of the problem or issue along with a description and location of it to


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