In Case You Missed It...(4/6/2018)

Below are the top Oakland development stories for the week of April 2, 2018:

Call them the Oakland ENA’s
Published by the East Bay Express on March 30, 2018
Opening Day in Oakland was worth the six-month wait, as the hometown A’s on Thursday scratched and clawed their way back from a 4-0 deficit to snatch a 6-5 victory from the Angels in thrilling walk-off fashion. The game’s nail-biting drama offered a lot more fun than the A’s’ nearly quarter-century-long search for a new ballpark.

Opinion: Oakland Mayor Should Reject Jobs Policies That Increase Discrimination Against Black Workers
Published by the Oakland Post on April 1, 2018
Black Americans have twice as much unemployment as white workers.You can see one of the causes if you walk by any construction site and count up the number of Black workers you can find.

California’s Housing Crisis Is So Bad, Families Are Squatting Abandoned Homes Just to Survive
Published by Mother Jones on April 1, 2018
It was about two years ago when Hernandez, who works at a community development organization, and her husband, Emilio, a painter, were forced to leave their ramshackle home in Oakland, California, after trying to get their landlord to make repairs. They started touring listings and seeking out “For Rent” signs in windows. But in the nutso housing crisis plaguing the Bay Area, where one-bedroom apartments in Oakland rent for more than $2,000 a month—never mind a home with space for a family of six—they found themselves, like so many others, hopelessly priced out. What they did notice was a shocking abundance of forsaken properties. They started performing reconnaissance. “A lot of them were already occupied, so, you know, that’s that,” she says. “A lot of them had burn damage, so you can’t really do much with that.”

Oakland Coliseum Site Now a Hot Property
Published by Ball Park Digest on April 1, 2018
The 130-acre Oakland Coliseum site coveted by the Oakland Athletics ownership is suddenly in demand, with car manufacturer Tesla and sports entrepreneur Mark Hall interested in acquiring all or part of the site.

Oakland Plans to Open a Second Homeless Transitional Housing Center with Purchase of W. Grand Ave. Building
Published by the East Bay Express on April 2, 2018
The City of Oakland is about to significantly expand its number of city-owned shelter beds for homeless residents by purchasing an SRO hotel on W. Grand Avenue for $7 million.

How Transit-Oriented Development Can Prevent Displacement
Published by City Lab on April 2, 2018
In recent years, the blocks around Oakland’s Fruitvale Transit Village have seen many changes that are typical of urban neighborhoods around the United States. Housing prices are on the rise, and the population has grown wealthier and more educated. But Fruitvale’s transformation is unusual in one key way: It hasn’t gotten whiter.

Oakland parking garage next to City Hall could join development wave
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on April 3, 2018
A closed garage next to Oakland City Hall could join the development wave that's transformed over a thousand parking spaces into new buildings.

New Approaches to Affordable Housing in Oakland
Published by on April 3, 2018
Sky high construction costs are driving the average rent for new apartments to a level out of the reach of hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents. Building subsidized affordable housing is one approach to dealing with this problem, but there simply isn't enough subsidy available to produce the quantity of units necessary to meet the demand. Is there a long-term solution in finding market-based approaches to building housing, without subsidy, at a price that more local residents can afford? Come hear from those who are trying to make this happen in Oakland.

San Jose City Council to Require Developers to Pay Prevailing Wage and Hire Local Workers
Published by the Left Hook on April 4, 2018
Yesterday, the City of San Jose passed a groundbreaking set of policies to increase wages and workplace protections for construction workers and to promote local hiring and construction career opportunities. The policy passed 8-3 with Councilmembers Johnny Khamis, Dev Davis and Lan Diep voting no and the SVO (formerly the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce) aligning with the dissenting votes.

West Oakland Warehouse Ordered To Cease Unpermitted Waste Disposalf
Published by Hoodline on April 4, 2018
A judge ordered a West Oakland debris hauling company to cease any unpermitted waste operations yesterday after complaints that the company was emitting toxic dust led the city to sue the company.

Sweeping California housing bill attacked on author’s home turf
Published by the Mercury News on April 5, 2018
A polarizing housing bill that would force California cities to allow taller apartment buildings by BART stops and other transit hubs has been pummeled with opposition from local officials — a group that now includes former colleagues of the bill’s author, San Francisco Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener.

Exclusive: Why developer Mark Hall is ready to score Coliseum project — with or without the A's
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on April 5, 2018
Mark Hall has an idea for redeveloping the site of the Oakland Coliseum. But, perhaps most importantly, he also has a track record.