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Below are the top Oakland development stories for the week of Sept. 11, 2017:

Exclusive: California housing bill dies, complicating S.F. affordable housing policy
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 8, 2017
A California bill that would have enabled San Francisco to require additional affordable units under the state's density bonus program is dead, complicating the city's housing policies.

Meet YIMBY: Pro-development groups join the battle in California housing wars
Published by the OC Register on Sept. 10, 2017
It’s an ageless fight waged in board rooms, council chambers and auditoriums across the state.

California's housing crisis — it's even worse than you think
Published by the Desert Sun on Sept. 11, 2017
Half the state’s households struggle to afford the roof over their heads. Homeownership—once a staple of the California dream—is at its lowest rate since World War II. Nearly 70 percent of poor Californians see the majority of their paychecks go immediately to escalating rents. 

Town Business: Who's Responsible for Illegal Dumping in Oakland?
Published by the East Bay Express on Sept. 11, 2017
The Oakland City Council reconvenes next week with committee hearings following its summer recess.

Salesforce millions have S.F., Oakland schools freely trying innovations
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 12, 2017
When Joe Truss took over two years ago as principal at Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco, he looked at the classrooms, with their slide-in-sideways wooden desks organized in rows, and thought they evoked the 1950s more than the 21st century.

A’s want to build new ballpark next to Laney College in Oakland
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 12, 2017
The Oakland A’s have settled on land near Laney College as their preferred spot for a 35,000-seat, privately financed ballpark to replace the Coliseum, team officials said Tuesday.

A's pitch site for new stadium development. But will neighbors strike out project?
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 13, 2017
But the plan, juiced with a proposed partnership with nearby Laney College for a mixed-use development, faces tough opposition from community activists who say the project would change the face of the neighborhood.

Contented family in changing West Oakland, with pangs about gentrification
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 13, 2017
Sometimes when Nelson Fernandez walks his pug, Ninja, he runs into people touring Station House, the new solar-powered townhomes between 14th and 16th streets in West Oakland.
If they chat him up, the conversation usually doesn’t end without them asking a question that’s become familiar: Is it safe to live there?

Some Oakland Landlords Are Using a Legal Loophole to Exempt Housing from Rent Control 
Published by the East Bay Times on Sept 13, 2017
But in June, they received notices from the city of Oakland that their landlord, JDW Enterprises, was seeking to exempt their building from the city's rent control law using a little-known rule. The rule states that if a landlord "substantially rehabilitates" a building — by improving each apartment unit — he or she can permanently exempt the entire property from rent control. Substantial rehabilitation is defined as spending more than 50 percent of what it would cost to build an equivalent number of new housing units.

Oakland Unified struggles to help homeless students as numbers soar
Published by KALW on Sept. 14, 2017
Being homeless takes a big toll on kids in the classroom. Today, more than 1.3 million children and youth across the country fit that legal definition, the majority of them staying temporarily with friends or family.

Oakland homeowners' average profit is almost $235,000 when they sell, a 78% return that's tops in the nation
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 13, 2017
Home sellers in Oakland see the largest percentage gain on their properties of any U.S. city. They saw a 78 percent increase over what they paid, ahead of Portland, Ore. (64.7 percent), and San Jose (56.5 percent). Oakland home sellers also make an average profit of $235,000, new statistics from home data tracker Zillow show.

Understanding Rising Inequality and Displacement in Oakland
Published by KCET on Sept. 13, 2017
Launching September 13, City Rising is a multimedia documentary program that traces gentrification and displacement through a lens of historical discriminatory laws and practices. Fearing the loss of their community’s soul, residents are gathering into a movement, not just in California, but across the nation as the rights to property, home, community and the city are taking center stage in a local and global debate. Learn more.

Median income soars in Bay Area, but some are left out
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 14, 2017
With tech companies flooding the Bay Area with high salaries, San Francisco and four neighboring counties have risen to the top of the list for median income among the country’s 25 largest metro areas.

Editorial: Is there a place for Amazon in S.F. Bay Area? Maybe
Published by the San Francisco Chronciel on Sept. 14, 2017 
All across the country, the midnight oil is burning as cities buff their resumes to win Amazon’s nod for a second headquarters totaling 50,000 workers and millions of square feet of office space. Here’s a safe prediction: San Francisco isn’t making much of an effort, though the rest of the Bay Area is interested.

TransForm Celebrates GreenTRIP Program to Reduce Parking, Car Trips
Published by the Cal Streets Blog on Sept. 14, 2017
On Tuesday in downtown Oakland, TransForm honored housing developers, cities, and transit agencies that have participated in its GreenTRIP program. The developers earned platinum-level certification under GreenTRIP, and the cities and agencies adopted some or all of the GreenTRIP policies into their planning processes.Editorial: A’s stadium plan takes path of greatest resistance

Published by the East Bay Times on Sept. 14, 2017
The Oakland A’s have selected the most difficult of three leading sites for development of a new ballpark. They’ve picked the location with the greatest potential for negatively impacting residents and taxpayers.

California Assembly narrowly passes affordable housing bills
Published by the Mercury News on Sept. 15, 2017
SACRAMENTO — After years of havoc caused by budget-busting rents and runaway home prices, a collection of affordable-housing bills negotiated with Gov. Jerry Brown passed the Assembly late Thursday night.