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Below are the top Oakland development stories for the week of Sept. 4, 2017:

Opinion: Action Needed Now to Attack Housing Crisis
Published by the Oakland Post on Sept. 1, 2017
California’s housing crisis has become an out-of-control car rolling downhill and gaining speed. The ability of middle and low-income people to secure affordable shelter, a basic human need and right, has been moving further out of reach. Together, my colleagues and I must take action this week.

Lawsuit over tripling of San Francisco rent could decide if massive rent hikes are evictions or legal
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 5, 2017
The appeal of a judge's verdict that a San Francisco landlord acted legally when he raised his tenant's rent from $1,900 to $6,700 a month could set a precedent for property owners throughout the state.

Why the Oakland A’s Should Rethink the Laney College Site 
Published by the East Bay Express on Sept. 5, 2017
When Dave Kaval took over as Oakland A’s president in late 2016 and said the team would build a privately financed ballpark in Oakland, he became an instant hero among local baseball fans and in City Hall. His announcement roughly coincided with decisions by Oakland’s other two pro sports teams, the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders, to abandon the Town. 

Affordable housing crisis: Can Sacramento get it under control?
Published by the San Jose Mercury News on Sept. 5, 2017
SACRAMENTO — As home prices and rents soar to unthinkable levels, California lawmakers are working furiously to drum up the votes for a package of bills they hope will help contain the spiraling affordable housing crisis.

Oakland startup Mynd seeks to disrupt residential property management
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 5, 2017
Oakland-based Mynd made its first acquisition, buying San Diego-based Pacific Shore Management as it seeks to bring more technology and innovation into the highly fragmented residential property management industry.

New owners revive Oakland's iconic Tribune Tower
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 5, 2017
During the past decade, Oakland's Tribune Tower has gone through three different owners. One lost the building in a foreclosure and another lost control amid a lawsuit last year.

How California's State And Local Governments Are Addressing The Affordable Housing Crisis:
Published by BisNow on Sept. 6, 2017
With the highest cost of housing in the nation, California’s affordable housing crisis is threatening the economic vitality of the state.

Home sweet homeless camp: well-kept, pleasant spot stands out in Oakland
Published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 6, 2017
As I walked underneath Interstate 580 on Telegraph Avenue on Labor Day, I noticed something I haven’t seen at homeless encampments in Oakland: The sidewalks were swept clean.

Industrial plants close in Santa Clara, Oakland, 187 jobs lost.
Published by the Mercury News on Sept. 6, 2017
Two Bay Area industrial complexes, one in Santa Clara and the other in Oakland, are closing their doors, separate moves that will eliminate nearly 200 jobs. Graphic Packaging International will shut its paperboard factory in Santa Clara, a move that will slash 120 jobs, the company announced Wednesday. KapStone Container has decided to cease operations at its Oakland factory at 8511 Blaine St., a short distance from the corner of San Leandro Street and 85th Avenue. The Kapstone closure will eliminate 67 jobs, according to an official company filing with state labor agencies.

Exclusive: Hotel-starved Oakland gets inn proposal near airport
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 7, 2017
A 319-room hotel has been proposed near Oakland International airport amid booming tourism.

Food market drops Oakland plans after Uber scales back expansion at former Sears Building
Published by the San Francisco Business Times on Sept. 7, 2017
Uber's decision to retreat from Oakland has sowed fallout as the anchor tenant in its office building there withdrew plans to develop a food hall at the site.

Oakland’s “Millennial” Pastor Determined to Fund Faith-Based Affordable Senior Housing for the Poor

Published by the Oakland Post on Sept. 7, 2017
After months of planning, community outreach, and detailed consultations with developers, architects, and elected officials, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Anderson of Williams Chapel Baptist Church is submitting an application to the City of Oakland for funding of 70 units of affordable housing for low-income seniors.

Oakland wants ideas on supporting the arts
Published by the East Bay Express on Sept. 8, 2017
OAKLAND —The city is seeking ideas from residents on how to support its vast creative community and enhance cultural life.