EBRRD Successfully Launches Red Tag Campaign

On Saturday, June 3, 100 people walked 50 precincts in Oakland to kick off East Bay Residents for Responsible Development’s (EBRRD) Red Tag campaign. EBRRD members and Oakland residents from across the city launched a program that will bring attention to real estate projects in Oakland that do not match with the city’s values of inclusivity. 

In the construction trade, a red tag denotes a condemned building. EBRRD plans to red-tag buildings that it sees as failing to provide the community the benefits it needs from new development—benefits like housing people can afford, jobs that provide for families, good transportation options and healthy impacts on the environment.

The first project EBRRD set out to condemn Saturday was developer SunCal’s Oak Knoll project in the Oakland Hills. EBRRD members and volunteers distributed more than 16,000 Red Tag doorhangers across the city’s neighborhoods to bring attention to the project’s lack of guarantees to provide local, union jobs, its absence of onsite affordable housing, and its significant traffic impacts.

The doorhangers asked Oakland residents to sign a petition to tell the City Council to vote against the Oak Knoll project.

That petition can be found here.





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  • Paul Merriwether
    commented 2017-06-09 11:29:11 -0700
    Union workers would PUSH-UP the projects cost!!!! And where do all these workers live??? Oh, the majority NOT IN OAKLAND!!!!