East Bay Residents for Responsible Development to Kick off Red-Tag Campaign

East Bay Residents for Responsible Development (EBRRD), a coalition of over 500 Oakland families, will kick-off its new Red Tag campaign Saturday, June 3, in an effort to bring attention to real estate projects in Oakland that do not match with the city’s values. In the construction trade, a red tag denotes a condemned building. 

The first project EBRRD will target is SunCal’s Oak Knoll project in the Oakland Hills. The group will distribute “red tag” doorhangers around Oakland neighborhoods to let residents know about the deficiencies of the project.

“With all the construction happening in Oakland lately, few in the city are taking the time to decide whether the development projects properly reflect the city’s needs and concerns,” said Jeff Dixon UA 483 Sprinklerfitters. “We’re going to let people know which projects are deficient with our red tags,” he said.

The Oak Knoll project will be the first target of the Red Tag campaign in large part because of the development’s size. Its developer, SunCal, wants to build 935 market-rate units on188 acres of the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. Eight acres of the land is public land the City Council plans to sell to SunCal.

The red tags to be distributed Saturday claim that the Oak Knoll project:

• Is being built without union labor and will not provide family-sustaining wages for construction workers.

• Doesn’t provide apprenticeships for young construction workers.

• Provides for no on-site affordable housing.

• Adds 11,250 new car trips daily, increasing traffic congestion.

• Will cut down hundreds of native oak trees.

• Allows uncontrolled construction emissions to pollute neighborhood air quality.

EBRRD states that because the Oak Knoll project is the second-largest development ever proposed for Oakland, it should provide community benefits. “The project is red-tagged until SunCal chooses to work with Oakland’s working families for a project the benefits everyone,“ the red tag doorhanger states.

The Oak Knoll project may be the first development that EBRRD is red-tagging, but it won’t be the last. “Developers in Oakland, be warned: If you fail to provide local union jobs on projects, apprenticeships enabling local workers to learn on the job, and affordable housing opportunities for Oakland residents, you will be red-tagged,” Max Hayashi of IBEW 595 said.

The Red Tag event will take place at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, this Saturday, June 3, at 8:00 am.


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