About Us

Oakland is going through an unprecedented construction boom. There are dozens of projects in construction and thousands of housing units being planned. Neighborhoods are changing all over the city. 

But, you’d hardly know about this boom if you read the local press. Due to the consolidation of many of the local newspapers, there are only a handful of reporters covering it. 

That’s why we’ve created the Oakland Conduit.  

The Conduit will be a news source about development in Oakland. It will not only highlight new construction, it will discuss the impact of that construction on neighborhoods, families and workers.

The news site will host a development map, where you can learn the location and specifics of the individual construction sites around the city.

It will be the home of guest opinions from local residents, such as construction workers, neighborhood advocates and lawmakers.

And it will be a source of original reporting. Our staff will be regulars at planning commission meetings to update you on important votes. We will hold local politicians accountable and do regular investigations into policies and projects impacting you.

We will update the Conduit regularly and will alert you of our updates through email and social media.

Please sign up to receive our updates at http://www.oaklandconduit.com/join

We hope you will take advantage of this site and its offerings. We look forward to working for the community.

The Oakland Conduit Staff 

The Oakland Conduit is a project of East Bay Residents for Responsible Development (www.ebrrd.org